Which Experience Is Right For Me?

When you hear the term “game” you probably don’t think of something that can fundamentally benefit your company or organization. GoodGames is here to change that. Beyond being fun to experience, our game-inspired tools have a value that puts it on par with the indispensable people that make up your company or organization. 

Below you’ll find the growing list of ways our platform and its tools are used to create better engagement and beyond, sorted into four convenient categories.

Pick A Category

The amygdala receives information then translates it into emotions. Our approach to feedback makes this easier by avoiding negative emotions for a more constructive exchange of ideas.

The cerebrum is vital to our learning process because this is where memory and reasoning take place. Our tools can be used in teaching, support, or comprehension.

Creativity is largely a right-brain activity. Consistent structured chances for outside-the-box thinking exercise our brains for a more robust level of creativity.

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex pursues goals and regulates emotions which supports collaboration. Fun yet structured collaborative sessions lead to better solutions, participation and cooperation.


How many times have you asked someone for feedback only to learn it wasn’t the kind of feedback you were hoping for? Or learned later that there were aspects of their opinion that were never discussed? With many companies or organizations, it’s this type of breakdown in communication that leads to long term issues.

So many of the game tools we offer are, at their very basic level, a gamified approach ideal for generating candid, honest feedback. Not only that, once feedback is offered, our tools have designed ways of unearthing solutions to these issues. Whether it’s feedback on the state of the company or organization, a future aspect of the service you provide, or anything in between, honest feedback gives you the best way forward and makes essential employees feel heard.


You’d be hard pressed to find anything more important than education, both in school and in our Learning and Development departments. Our organizational psychologists have poured over hundreds of pages of data about turn over rates, productivity levels, employee wellness, and, ultimately, the bottom line. Everything stems from how your students or employees are educated. 

Gamification of these practices has been proven to lead to higher retention rates, more comprehension, and overall better results. GoodGames tools offer all of that and more and are not only perfect for use in classrooms and training courses to support existing material but they’re great for GENERATING educational and training content as well.


Brainstorming and creative sessions, in any industry, are as common to the workplace as a watercooler. But often creative or brainstorming sessions are slow moving or produce little results. Especially when they lack structure or some aspect that drives creativity.

All of our games have a gamified approach to creative and brainstorming discussions that not only make collaboration and exchanging ideas fun but keep these ultra-important sessions moving in a constructive direction. This leads to more productive sessions and nurtures creative thought which allows for more creativity more often.

Team Building/Problem Solving

Every single business or organization, in fact every department, can tell a story about how they deal with internal issues regularly. It’s inevitable when you place people together and task them with achieving a goal. Companies spend countless dollars working through problems to maintain productivity. 

Our game experiences can identify issues, discover potential solutions, and offer a path forward. No matter the origin of the issue, whether it’s bubbled up deep from within the company or from outside or societal forces that seep in. Sometimes these problems are complex and require a new approach, sometimes they’re simple but offer a chance for growth. Let GoodGames help make your team, and your company, stronger through collaborative problem solving and team building.