A unique virtual event in which talented and insightful New Yorker-style cartoonists work together with you and your team to brainstorm and co-create cartoons in a candid, productive and fun exchange of ideas.

Psychologists have shown that humor can be helpful in discussing difficult topics, and Cartoonathon experiences are designed to do just that.

Working with you, we custom design an interactive session that provokes lively conversation on topics central to your business. Cartoonists then listen in live to your meeting and draw on the insights and/or points of friction they hear just below the surface. They then present their rough cartoon drafts and your team is invited to discuss and collaborate with each other and with the artists.

Together as they share suggestions for improving the cartoons this becomes an interactive and creative process for your team, one in which they can reframe their experiences from a new perspective, setting the stage for innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas.

Cartoonathon virtual meeting game

Professional cartoonists listen in live to your group’s meeting.

They draw their inspiration from what they hear just “below the surface” from your team.

Rough cartoon drafts are presented to your group.

Cartoonathon game artist submits ideas
Cartoonathon virtual meeting game

Participants vote and candidly discuss how the cartoons resonate and offer feedback for improvement.

Your cartoonist will redraw, add details, and change up the caption to make a final finished cartoon.

Cartoonathon game artist completes illustration

“My favorite webinar of last year! Cartoons were integrated very effectively. Many of the people who attended that event have gone on to use the cartoons in a range of different ways.”

– Heather McGray, Director at Climate Justice Resilience Fund



  • Speak to difficult issues including company culture and societal changes


  • Guide cartoonists as they create a relevant and poignant company snapshot

Game Specifications

Player count

10-50 players

Length of game

45-90 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

Dramatically improve the well-being of employees while enhancing productivity and innovation throughout your organization.