What is GoodGames?

About Good Focus Games

GoodGames offers web-based gamified activities; tools that businesses and organizations use to enhance ideation, solutions discovery, and employee engagement and wellbeing. 

We are the warm blanket of  communication.

Remote and hybrid work has pioneered a welcomed evolution of the modern workforce. That’s why GoodGames has developed numerous game-like experiences that allow your workforce to continue to interact with their colleagues at a high level and, in many cases, get more out of  personnel than ever. 


Our tools are designed to enhance communication providing you with the feedback you need to drive engagement, development, and performance. 

About Goodfocus Games

Our mission at GoodGames is to effectively aid companies and organizations in the process of enhancing employee creativity, productivity, engagement, wellbeing, and innovation in an increasingly digitally-driven work environment.

– Daniel Stephens, Founder


Consistent and structured gamified activities can enliven and refresh your team’s focus to meet any level of need. They can be used as a stand-alone session to help your team brainstorm new opportunities or solve old problems, or help bring together people from different teams or offices to establish common ground that improves collaboration, or even to do a candid wellness check on the stress of work. Anyway you want to use them, a GoodGame is a fresh approach to ideation, solutions discovery, and employee engagement and wellbeing.

We often say that GoodGames has, essentially, gamified the feedback process and we’ve done this with various activities. At its core, we’ve made the feedback generating process more structured but more fun to experience than, say, traditional modes of feedback like surveys. Elements of structure make the feedback you generate more focused on what a particular session is meant to discover. It also better creates consistency which helps train the mind to be better at giving and receiving feedback.

Gamification has been proven to activate the hippocampus (the section of the brain largely responsible for knowledge recall) as well as trigger the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. This response not only makes the participant feel good but also allows them to increase their capacity for learning, memory and attention. Additionally, it reduces stress, increases one’s capacity to process information, and mitigates the effects of cognitive overload. Research suggests that gamification not only enhances individual performance but also leads to increased team cohesion, task commitment and overall team performance.1 This, in turn, drastically improves the wellbeing of employees and enhances productivity.

The data is clear, remote work and the use of virtual communication platforms is here to stay.

According to a survey conducted by Gartner and PwC, 78% of CEOs agree that remote collaboration will remain a large part of their companies. Additionally, research conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 59% of workers currently work from home and that the vast majority of those workers work from home out of choice, not necessity.

All of our games are web-based meaning anyone with the game link can participate in a game event. This is ideal for being compatible with the many amazing video platforms available to businesses and organizations like Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Whereby, etc. We work with any communication platform.

Since our games are web-based, they work with any device. Currently, the games are optimized best for desktop and laptop computers and tablets. All of the games work on smartphones, however, some games are more optimized for phones than others. Our developers are currently working on making all games 100% mobile compatible.

Yes. It is. We don’t track any identifying information nor do we have any desire to. We believe that candid, honest feedback is the best way to identify issues and their solution, brainstorm new ideas, and do a full well-being check. Each game has the ability for people to self-identify, and some games benefit from knowing who the person is. Beyond that, we do not track any identifying information. You can read more about it in our PRIVACY POLICY.

Absolutely. At our core we create game activities that are designed to generate feedback. This can be done with participants in the room, remotely across the globe, or anything in between. Regardless of where your workforce is, the output is dependent on the participants. The mechanisms work across the board.

Each game has an unlimited number of participants that can engage in the experience. However, each game also has an optimal participation range. Which are:

Cartoonathon – 5 to 1000

FaceIt! – 3 to 300

Gallery – 5 to 1000

Headlines – 12 to 500

Decisions for the Season – 5 to 80

RANT – 4 to 1000

Each game does require a facilitator. However, every game can be easily facilitated by someone within the organization or company. Depending on the game, some games require more facilitation or moderation than others. GoodGames works with a network of facilitators that can meet any need, no matter how important or sensitive, to ensure the game experience elicits the desired outcome.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, leaving participants with a lasting representation of the work done during the game is often a good tool for continued collaboration beyond the game experience. Every game has a Game Summary we share with managers, executives, or thought-leaders. Leadership then takes the summary and can implement the action(s) discovered in the session

Some games have a specialized result that can often be shared with all of the participants. With Cartoonathon, participants are left with the custom New Yorker-style cartoons created in their session. With Headlines, we export mock-up newspaper headlines that directly reflect the group’s exchange of ideas. I Think, We Think generates a very informative word cloud or cluster that represents the experience of the game. All of these can be shared with participants to remind them of the change or ideas discussed in each session.

We’re doing our best to keep up with the myriad of ways that our games have been used in every kind of business or organization. You can find examples of those uses on our GAME USES page. We also encourage our clients to be creative with the games. The games are a tool at your disposal. Use them to make your business better.

If you need help, want to report an issue in the middle of gameplay,  or report a non-essential issue, you can email our support team at help@goodfocus.net.

Our games are priced with a subscription model. And that’s based on how many games you play each month and how many participants are in each game event. Please visit our PRICING page to get an idea of cost. We also offer prepaid and industry discounts. Please inquire about discounts when speaking with your sales representative.

To speak with someone about the benefits of our games directly, please email us at games@goodfocus.net.

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