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All subscriptions include tech support and access to all games.

Yearly subscriptions come with one FREE facilitated or co-facilitated session with one of our facilitation experts.

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Additional Services



GoodGames will configure and set up your game for you based on your event needs. One of our team will work with you to determine the best configuration for each game in your event and then implement that configuration for you in your GoodGames account.

Technical Facilitation


GoodGames will run the backend of your game during your event. One of our team will work closely with whomever is facilitating your game to advance the game through its phases as well as keep the facilitator informed of how the game is progressing. Please note there is a 1 hour minimum. Additional fees may apply for longer gameplay.


($300 minimum)

GoodGames will facilitate the game to your participants based on your event needs and goals. This includes one hour of pre-game consultation to ensure all needs and goals are met. Please note that Facilitator rates vary and additional fees may apply based on subject expertise required, level of engagement needed, length of event, etc.



GoodGames can assist you in, among many things, planning your event and determining the types of games to use to achieve your desired goal. Additional fees may apply based on the number of consultation sessions, level of expertise required, etc.

Detailed Reports


Each game has its own generated game summary that you can save, however, GoodGames can provide additional detailed reporting, sorted and presented in a way that's most valuable to you. Prices vary based on level of detail and need.

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