Daniel G. Stephens


Daniel has a long history in software development starting out in firewall and security technology. He is a self-described technology-obsessed, life-long geek. He, along with game-developer Pablo Suarez, created GoodGames in an effort to do good in the world through education, nurturing collaboration, and managing risk in an ever-changing world.


Daniel has a deep love and concern for the environment and the careful balance in which humans exist as part of it. He also believes in the power of education to help enact change in the world and works to combine his love of the environment with his love of technology, collaboration, and visual storytelling, using the games to educate, inform and inspire.

Along with Daniel’s work at GoodGames, he is also a freelance director and cinematographer for documentaries, feature films and commercials. He has worked recently on developing 26 Words, an etymology-centered project described as “a visual delight for future word geeks.”

Mark Booker

Marketing and Sales Manager

Born in small town Nebraska, Mark Booker attended a small liberal arts college where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in New Media and Communications in 2004. After a pursuit to play professional baseball ended, his dream shifted when Mark discovered his love of acting and story-telling.


Through that dream, Mark met now long-time friend and fellow collaborator Daniel G. Stephens. It’s with Daniel that Mark began his work with GoodGames as the marketing and sales manager. Mark believes deeply in the game tools and their ability to not only make companies and organizations more productive and successful but in their ability to do good and enact change in the world.

Mark still works on film, television and commercials as an actor and producer and is now working on producing the quirky etymology kid’s show 26 Words. He also enjoys time with his two young daughters and is also a musician where he makes his own music and also composes and scores many projects.

Anne Schreiber

Production Coordinator

Anne grew up in a small town outside Portland, Maine. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International and Cultural Studies and Government and World Affairs from the University of Tampa and her master’s degree in Organizational and Behavioral Psychology from London Metropolitan University. 


Anne has extensive experience working with domestic and international non-profit organizations including the American Red Cross, Feeding America, and the International Forest Stewardship Council.


Anne has worked as an educator and early childhood development program coordinator for over five years. Her passion for education as a transformational tool crosses over into all of the work that she does. Anne is trilingual and has spent many years living abroad in countries like Germany, Thailand, Panama, and the Czech Republic. Anne’s international experience has helped her recognize the power of education through storytelling. She sees it as a tool, not only for individual growth, but also as a foundation for cross-cultural connection and understanding.

Cat Delgado

Software Developer

Helping others has always brought a sense of joy to Cat which ended up jump-starting her passion for software development. Her love of it was crafted when she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. 


It was during her time at school that Cat became the kind of developer that focuses on the power of software and how it can help others. She has cut her teeth in the industry in multiple start up companies which has only developed a uniquely creative approach to her work as well as a deeper passion. Cat’s time with these companies granted her the opportunity to develop high-volume, scalable software with a customer-centric approach which she’s excited to bring to the innovative game tools at GoodGames.


When she doesn’t have her face buried in her computer or iPad, you can find Cat enjoying the great outdoors of sunny South Florida with her two dogs and boyfriend, or relaxing on the couch and binge watching her favorite TV shows.

Ryan Kirby

Software Developer

For as long as Ryan can remember, he has been fascinated with computers. This fascination led him to try programming and ultimately web development. From the minute he made “Hello World” print to the screen, he knew he found his passion. It was this passion that led Ryan to do the seemingly impossible: teach himself the ins and outs of web development. He taught himself how to write not only scalable, but performant code. He is so excited to bring this knowledge
to the gamification tools GoodGames offers. 
When he isn’t tinkering around with computers, Ryan is enjoying his other hobbies such as playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering. He also enjoys being in nature and taking long hikes.

Kevin McCloskey

DEIBA Consultant

Kevin McCloskey has more than a decade of experience working in the human resources and workforce development industries.

In his previous role, Kevin worked with employers including Pepsi and Frito Lay on developing programs to actively attract, hire and retain talent with disabilities.

With the firm belief that changing lives requires changing minds, Kevin led the research, development, and implementation of a training suite to educate employers on all topics related to disability inclusion and training for job seekers and talent partners so they were educated and prepared to successfully get a job or help a job seeker get a job. 

Throughout his career, Kevin has built a network of ten thousand-plus nonprofit organizations including educational entities, workforce centers, vocational rehabilitation offices, veteran groups, etc. to ensure they are knowledgeable and prepared to send over the best talent to employers.

In 2023, Kevin joined GoodGames as a Consultant using game tools to gather story-based data that benefits employers on their current and future diversity plans. 

Kevin resides in Connecticut with his wife, three children, and his dog Noopy.

Seth Lockman


While earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Seth learned all about the critical role of play in childhood learning. “When does play stop being central to learning?” he wondered. Never, it turns out! We are all lifelong learners and therefore lifelong gamers.

A passionate science communicator, Seth created and co-hosted the first radio show to join the NASA Museum & Informal Education Alliance and served as the Communications Director for a local aerospace startup. He now volunteers as a Solar System Ambassador and writes for Universe Today.

Seth couldn’t be more thrilled to join such a collaborative team brimming with positive energy and a mission to adapt playful learning for all ages in the modern world. Reimagining education, team-building, and skill training in a way that builds stronger teams is a great mission, and as luck would have it a fun one!


Pablo Suarez

Game Creator

Pablo is a researcher on climate and disasters, turned humanitarian worker, turned game designer and facilitator. He has run game sessions from rural Zambia to the White House and from the Vatican to NASA, on a diverse range of issues from risk management to monitoring & evaluation to anti-racism. He is visiting fellow at Boston University, as well as artist in residence at the National University of Singapore and innovation lead at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. 

He has consulted for UNDP, the World Bank, Oxfam, and about twenty other international humanitarian and development organizations, working in more than 60 countries.

His current work involves creative approaches to risk and safety – ranging from self-learning algorithms for flood prediction, to collaboration with humorists to inspire thinking and action. Pablo holds a water engineering degree, a master’s in planning, and a Ph.D. in geography.

When the world came to a halt in March of 2020, Pablo and GoodGames founder Daniel G. Stephens, having collaborated on many humanitarian projects previously, decided that games previously developed as in-person experiences should not stop. If anything, these unconventional ways to educating, nurturing collaboration, and managing risk are needed now more than ever. It was then that Daniel and team created a digital platform and GoodGames was born.

Janot Mendler de Suarez

Game Developer/Consultant

Janot consults with the World Bank, serves as Technical Advisor & Caribbean focal point with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, and is a Visiting Research Fellow with Boston University’s Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future. 

As an expert facilitator, practitioner and policy advisor, Janot is an innovator in transformation management, collective intelligence, pioneering the use of serious games and creative arts for effective learning and dialogue, and has co-designed and facilitated game-enabled processes to support a variety of World Bank activities. Janot acts for racial justice, facilitates conversations on race and served on the Metro Boston Race Amity taskforce, culminating with the governor’s proclamation of Massachusetts Race Amity Day, encouraging cities and towns to develop programming.

Janot graciously lends her vast expertise and experience to GoodGames, ensuring that the company and the tools educate, inspire, and enact the change she tirelessly seeks.

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