Use images to spark discussion and feedback that speak to a company theme or grow and achieve a company goal.

Inspire thought-provoking conversation

Gallery is a discussion and feedback-centered experience designed to help discover team solutions by using relevant images to grow and achieve a company goal. The images can be anything; a product design, images that represent deep-rooted issues in the workplace, or meaningful or humorous images intended to inspire.

Stimulate new ideas through collaboration and fun

These images are presented to participants who provide feedback, anonymously if necessary, which allows for a frank and honest discussion within the team or department. During gameplay, team leaders will get a stronger understanding of how their employees feel about the given topic. In the end, you’ve created more clarity around the topic at hand as well as real solutions and a stronger team.

Gallery game players review images

Players review thought-provoking illustrations.

Players annotate illustrations chosen for their event. They describe what the image says to them, or suggest captions.

Participants interpret the images.

Ideas and suggestions are generated around topics that are relevant to your business or event.

Gallery game play
Gallery game play

Players then review and discuss comments made by all participants.

Participants see what the other players have commented, and discussion follows.

Conversation and ideas are shared about the topics introduced.

The results of the game are kept for future reference.

Gallery game players discuss ideas

“Goodfocus games provides an effective platform that engages participants both individually and in groups.”

– Gloria Urrea, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder



  • Gather feedback on visual elements like designs, logos, or marketing materials


  • Assess problem areas in training courses
  • Collaborate on creating educational materials
  • Direct feedback on image based education materials

Game Specifications

Player count

10-50 players

Length of game

30-45 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

Dramatically improve the well-being of employees while enhancing productivity and innovation throughout your organization.