Listen to your team

RANT about the issues plaguing your department or company.

RANT encourages employees to provide anonymous and candid feedback on any company topic or theme. They’ll see other rants in real-time creating a feedback loop that leaves no stone unturned. Participants are then challenged to modify RANTs that resonate with them. Changing a word, a few words, or completely rewriting the RANT often leads to an effective shift in perspective.

Discover real solutions

Participants then vote on their favorite modified rants. Voting bubbles up the most popular statements revealing the best solutions to the issues at hand. RANT takes the candid nature of social media commenting and introduces a change of perspective that encourages people to reframe negative words and concepts into positive solutions.

Players have a set amount of time to furiously rant about a timely issue or topic.


Modify the RANTs.

Modifications allow other participants to speak to the issues and offer solutions or a new perspective.

Time to vote!

Voting for RANTs and their modifications bubbles up the most popular and best way forward.

Many uses for RANT

You can even use RANT to brainstorm ideas or thoughts and allow others to elaborate or expand on an idea.



  • Checking the well-being of employees
  • Replace ineffectual surveys
  • Assess needs or wants on a project or within a department
  • Assess pre and post presentation feedback
  • Bring an interactive element to town halls or conferences


  • Track a change in perspective
  • Check in on course comprehension and/or educational growth
  • Assess pre and post subject comprehension


  • Get new ideas from unheard voices
  • Take a broad idea and focus it
  • Collaborative approach to problem solving

Team Building/Problem Solving

  • Candidly expressed issues are reshaped into solutions and voted on for collaborative solutions discovery

Game Specifications

Player count

5-1000 players

Length of game

15 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

Dramatically improve the well-being of employees while enhancing productivity and innovation throughout your organization.