Develop your team’s ability to handle the uncertain with a
game of allocation, strategy, and chance!

Believe it or not, organizations can train their teams to be prepared for anything, even random events. With Decisions for the Season, participants are at the mercy of one of the oldest randomizers in history; the roll of a die. Anticipate how many ones and sixes will show up out of ten rolls before a die is even cast. Everyone has a few moments to guess and then the game begins! Roll the die!

Raise the stakes

Make it more challenging by changing certain elements of the game. Like switching to an 8-sided dice. Or add a team element. Assessing risk alone is difficult but adding another person’s input becomes a new challenge. Customize the elements to better represent your own work. Participants walk away with a fresh perspective on resource allocation, preparedness, and risk assessment.

Allocate your resources

Set your line by predicting issues for the year.

Develop your team’s ability to handle the unpredictable.

Use as a random event simulator and resource allocation preparedness tool.

Make it competitive

Risk levels, strategy, and chance blend to make a 

fun and competitive experience.

Encourage collaboration

Enter team mode to make risk management decisions collaborative 




  • Risk awareness education
  • Show changes in past, present, and future metrics

Team Building/Problem Solving

  • Employees compare and contrast solo decision making vs team decision making

Game Specifications

Player count

3-20 players

Length of game

30 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

Dramatically improve the well-being of employees while enhancing productivity and innovation throughout your organization.