Explore dazzling imagery to help your team bridge the gap between the abstract and actual, prompting improved solutions discovery.

FaceIt! allows players to refresh their thinking.

We’ve all gazed up at the sky and found shapes in the clouds; a face staring back at us, an animal bounding across the horizon, a cumulonimbus boat. FaceIt! plays on this phenomena, called pareidolia, by inviting you to explore images and find hidden figures within. Participants create an image from their discovery and are then encouraged to add a caption to their creation to give it a voice. Oftentimes a great idea or a novel approach to an issue hides just beneath the surface or comprehension and this experience can help bring it to the fore-front. 

The process of finding objects in images can be used as a springboard to deepening the conversation or exploration of the topic at hand. This game-like experience makes it easy to engage participants. If your team needs to discover innovative solutions, or needs a short respite in the midst of a long online meeting, use FaceIt!

FaceIt conference activity game

Players are presented with images and look for faces in them.

The interface has controls so the players can zoom in, rotate and move around the image.

When they find a face, they write a caption for it.

The participant describes the face or imagines what the face is saying.

FaceIt conference activity game
FaceIt conference activity game

Players vote on the best image and caption.

Participants review all the images and captions submitted by the group, and vote on their favorite.

Conversation and ideas are shared about the images and captions

Participants can talk about what they like, what speaks to them. The exercise can bring out the players’ creativity and humor.

FaceIt conference activity game

“The interaction with the artist was inspiring for people. It really helped our group grapple with some issues that were pretty abstract and the cartoons helped us make them more clear and concrete and meaningful.”

– Heather McGray, Director at Climate Justice Resilience Fund



  • Shift literal thinking to abstract thinking
  • Encourage employees to think outside the box
  • Icebreaker activity

Team Building/Problem Solving

  • Discover different ways team members process information and think both literally and creatively

Game Specifications

Player count

10-40 players

Length of game

15-30 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

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