Incentivize collaboration and connect participants to the larger goals of an online meeting or conference.

Headlines provides a respite from the potential boredom of an online conference and helps to focus participants on future problems or successes centered around a topic or project.

The game-experience allows a group of participants working in small teams to collaboratively create headlines for good and bad events in a potential future. 

These headlines are related to a central topic or theme that connects to the larger goals of the online conference. Participants are rewarded for collaboration and creativity and the most  relevant headlines then become part of the larger conversation.

Headlines virtual meeting game
Headlines conference activity

Players create a “word bag” for headline creation.

Selected words will be used as prompts for other players.

Participants join breakout rooms

Players form teams in virtual breakout rooms 

to collaborate on writing their headlines

Headlines conference activity
Headlines conference activity

Players then submit their headlines

Co-created headlines will have a higher ranking in the next session. So players are rewarded for collaborating on a headline.

Players then vote on their favorite headlines

Players vote on the headlines written, and comment on why they liked them. Participants can then discuss the issues raised.

“The interaction with the artist was inspiring for people. It really helped our group grapple with some issues that were pretty abstract and the cartoons helped us make them more clear and concrete and meaningful.”

– Heather McGray, Director at Climate Justice Resilience Fund



  • Identify employee future hopes and/or worries on any issue or the company or organization as a whole


  • Assist in writing papers/essays


  • Uncover and discuss new ideas
  • Assist in writing copy

Team Building/Problem Solving

  • Collaboration is rewarded while teams discuss future hopes and concerns

Game Specifications

Player count

10-50 players

Length of game

30-60 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

Dramatically improve the well-being of employees while enhancing productivity and innovation throughout your organization.