GoodGames Makes Impact at COP26

GoodGames Makes Impact at COP26

On the heels of the global climate change policy event, COP26, GoodGames had key involvement in some of the events that featured our web-based business tools. Some of the game experiences played included RANT, Cartoonathon, Numbers on the Edge, and Decisions for the Season.

GoodGames has already worked with some very high-profile clients including the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre/International Federation of the Red Cross, The World Bank, NASA, and the BMW Foundation, now adding a global policy event to their growing list of recognizable organizations and contributions.

COP26 was one of the most publicized events GoodGames has been involved in and they made a significant impression as evidenced in this RCCC article.

Further, business news insider Devex also wrote about the experience in an article and was quoted as saying: “The Red Cross and Red Crescent hosted a ‘ranting session’ where attendees vented and brainstormed ways to re-energize stalled negotiations.”

The solutions GoodGames continues to help businesses discover include a wide spectrum of issues from anti-racism seminars, refocused hiring practices, learning new tools and practices, and helping decision-makers to shape governmental policy.

We’ll keep posting about the incredible companies and organizations that GoodGames works with, the events they are involved in, and the wonderful work that GoodGames does and continues to do.

Games Design to Create Success

Games can be designed so that simple rules set in motion a play experience filled with variety, novelty, and surprise, from which meaning emerges.

While playing is an active engagement with a complex world, it is isolated from the consequences of the real world. Thus, inhabitable games can provide a unique learning environment: a world in which taking risks and experiencing failure can become the best way to progress and discover how its systems work.

Games played during COP 26 can also be used by private companies not just to increase employee engagement but also to help the business be more successful by using a game-like experience to invite participants to step out of their comfort zone and think outside the box. 

GoodGames understands how these game-like experiences can improve the business and its employees. We have games like what Red Cross Red Crescent used during the summit and more. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or check the variety of games we have.