A Numbers on the Edge Update

A Numbers on the Edge Update

The GoodGames team has been hard at work on new features for Numbers on the Edge, a game where we bring data to life! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

If You’re Unfamiliar with Numbers on the Edge (NotE)

  1. Bring Presentation Data to Life with a Game! We all know data is powerful but often times once you start presenting data eyes gloss over, people turn off their cameras and mics and check out. You lose the power of the data. But not with our game!
  2. Numbers on the Edge allows players to participate in the data leading to higher levels of retention. Participants Guess at data presented and are awarded points based on how close their answer is. Allowing players to participate in the data makes the information presented “sticky.”
  3. Create a Story Through Data. Ask any number of questions in an order that helps to tell your information story. This allows the impact of the data to stay with participants longer.

What’s Been Improved?

  1. NotE has been updated such that x-axis legends are more “logical” now and easier to read by default. Also, the area under the curve plot has been fixed so that it now shows 100% under the largest number entered by any participant.
  2. BASICALLY, the graph that displays the guesses and answers has been improved to better showcase how participants answered. If you’ve played the game before, often times the answers are just as telling and fascinating as the answer itself and now there’s a more logical way to display it!

We love hearing from you, especially about how we can make our games easier to set up and more fun to play. Check out the new features in your account. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to send us a message or reach out through our social pages. Maybe you’ll see your suggestion in the very next developer update!