Our First Big Update of the Year!

Our First Big Update of the Year!

The GoodGames team has been hard at work on new features we know you’ll love! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Your Account page is more intuitive

  1. The Billing section is now called Account. In the Account page, you will see Subscription and Additions tabs. If your account includes several organizations, you will also see a drop-down menu to view Subscription and Additions data by organization.
  2. The Subscription tab has your plan info, payment method(s), and invoices. Click on any invoice number to view that invoice’s details. In the invoice details window, there is an option to download a PDF version of the invoice. We’ve also added an Account Balance section that will appear next to Payment Methods if there are any credits or debits on your account.
  3. The Additions tab shows added games (these are games you’ve added for this billing cycle above what comes with your plan), added participants (additional participants you’ve added for this billing cycle above the number included in your plan), the options to add both games and participants (if you’re not on the free plan), and the “always allow participants” checkbox. The text regarding the “always allow participants” checkbox has been moved into a tooltip, accessible by hovering over the ? icon next to the label.


Take control of notifications

  1. In your Profile (click your name on the top right and click profile), there are now some new notification toggles. You now have the option to turn off and on certain notifications, like whether you receive an email when a new invoice is ready or whether you receive marketing emails.


Running the games is easier than ever

  1. When creating an Event, there is an option to add Tech Facilitators. Select an organization to view a list of admins that can be added as Tech Facilitators. If there are no admins added to your organization, you should see a message to invite admins first. There is also “More Info” under the Tech Facilitators dropdown. Hovering on this will show a tooltip about the role of Tech Facilitators. The short description is that Tech Facilitators are humans that you can invite to your account (go to the Admin Management page) who can help you run an event/game. Typically they are the person who pushes the buttons in the Admin Area to advance the game’s state during play. It’s good to have a helping hand when you need one.
  2. Editing an event and its games can now only be done by a super-admin, the event’s creator, or the invited tech facilitator. All others, such as non super-admins or an admin that didn’t create the event, should see the edit icon disabled, and should see a tooltip when hovering over it that they do not have permission to edit the event.
  3. Adding a Tech Facilitator to an event triggers an email and in-console notification to that person, with the option to be taken to the event.
  4. Reaching game or participant limits triggers a notification with some options for updating your plan if you are a super admin. If you are not a super admin, these notifications instruct you to contact your org’s super admin.

We love hearing from you, especially about how we can make our games easier to set up and more fun to play. Check out the new features in your account, or take this chance to create a free (yes, free!) account experience the power of gamification firsthand. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to send us a message or reach out through our social pages. Maybe you’ll see your suggestion in the very next developer update!