Risk Awareness with Gamified Approach

Risk Awareness

Risk Awareness with Gamified Approach

Risk awareness is an essential aspect of every business. It is not just another program but a mindset and cognitive skill that every employee should have. It protects the business and the employees by making them understand that, as part of the company, they are accountable. By increasing the assumption of risk ownership, the employee will be more proactive in recognizing risk, learning how to mitigate it, and learning how to properly communicate that risk to the management team.

A lack of risk awareness in a company can result in massive consequences and loss. Businesses that do not conduct risk awareness programs could potentially unknowingly promote a compliance mindset among their members. Employees could simply follow the process without knowing what’s at stake, doing so blindly. This hesitation and insecurity in the face of the uncertain could potentially increase risk exposure and greatly increase the chance of harmful organizational incidents and loss.

 In a rapidly changing business environment, many elements have become difficult to predict, and keeping up can become an impossible task for companies of all sizes. Organizations that don’t adapt to a changing landscape can find themselves falling behind the competition and missing out on new opportunities.

Gamification can help organizations increase risk awareness and learn to handle the uncertain.

Risk awareness with gamified approach

How Gamified Approach can help with Risk Awareness

So, how do you adapt? What’s the solution? A more prepared workforce.

Organizations can train their teams to be ready for anything, even random events. With Decisions for the Season, participants are at the mercy of one of the oldest randomizers in history; the roll of the dice. To begin, everyone must first anticipate how many ones and sixes will show up out of ten rolls before a die is even cast. Every participant has a few moments to guess and then the game can begin! Roll the die!

The game can get more challenging by changing certain elements of the game in the following rounds. Like switching to an 8-sided dice. Anticipating becomes more difficult to predict with more chances to break your line. Or add a team element. Assessing risk alone is already a difficult task but adding another person’s input becomes a new challenge. Change the elements of the gameplay to better represent your own work giving every round a customized feel. At the end of the experience, participants walk away with a fresh perspective on resource allocation, preparedness, and risk assessment.

Overall, risk awareness will increase performance by helping employees to increase their capacity to recognize risk and handle the uncertain. To make the experience better, GoodGames offers games that can make the experience better and make collaboration more effective.