Improve Employee Performance and Workforce Retention Through Onboarding

Workforce Retention through onboarding

Improve Employee Performance and Workforce Retention Through Onboarding

Now that the rate of employment is at an all-time low, onboarding statistics reveal that a good onboarding experience gives companies a chance to work with an employee who is both committed and engaged.

A bad or poor onboarding experience will only promote disengagement in the workplace, leading to increased staff turnover, increased hiring expenses, wearing out of your active workers, and a decline in total revenue.

Onboarding is not a new word; this means welcoming to a company or group. Onboarding is a process of acquisition, adjustment, and acclimatization of new employees in the organization towards maximum productivity. The overall concept of onboarding refers to a formal introduction for any newcomer employee to accomplish efficient absorption into an organization or unit.

Employee onboarding helps new hires transition into their new roles, and it’s an essential part of the hiring process. Employee onboarding can be a time-consuming and expensive task, but it’s also an opportunity to set your company up for success. Onboarding gamification is one of the strategies that leverage game-based elements to boost morale and motivate employees at the beginning of their new jobs.

Improve Workforce Retention by 82%According to research on the onboarding process, a good onboarding experience increases the probability that a new employee will be engaged and committed to the company. A study conducted by Brandon Hall Group revealed that organizations with strong onboarding processes have significantly higher new hire retention rates (82%) and productivity than those with less thorough programs.

And a Gallup survey revealed that only 12% of employees strongly agreed their organization did an excellent job of onboarding new employees, indicating a large room for improvement in the area of employee engagement.

This means, a bad or poor onboarding experience, will only promote disengagement in the workplace. If companies or organizations fail to provide a positive work environment and adequate compensation, your company may experience high staff turnover rates, increased hiring expenses, less productivity from active workers, wear-and-tear on equipment, and a revenue decrease.

If you want to improve workforce retention and increase productivity, you need to start considering investing in employee onboarding and use gamified approach to do it. You may even be surprised by how much it can impact your bottom line.

GoodGames understand that effective employee onboarding experiences have a positive impact on employee engagement and retention. As you can probably tell, onboarding is more important than most companies realize.

If you invest in onboarding, you will see an exponential increase in productivity, revenue, and employee retention. Therefore, it’s so important to make the most of the time and money your put into onboarding, and that means finding the right tools for the job.

GoodGames have the right tool that organizations and companies can use with effective onboarding for new hires. Contact us to know more.