Gamified Employee Training

Gamified Employee Training

Gamified Employee Training

Employee training is very important in all organizations in order to reach their goals and be successful, this helps to make sure that every team member is up to par and is always able to perform the task assigned to them. Quality employee training not only includes information, materials, and facilitation but also requires ways to ensure that employees retain as much information as possible.

According to edume, organizations spend an average of $1,252 per employee on training and development initiatives. The best way to ensure a good return on this investment is to enhance the individual’s ability to absorb and apply the learning material.

Gamification is more than just a buzzword. Infusing gameplay and leveraging competitiveness throughout the training and development process not only makes your company coaching dynamic greater but can drastically extend learner engagement too. This allows learners and employees to interact with content material in an effective learning environment. If participants get excited about learning, they are more likely to retain the information discussed.

L& D strategy

Gamified employee training can and will expedite the learning process. An efficient L & D strategy offers higher completion rates as well as improved recall and retention. In addition to expediting the learning process, one of its benefits is the participant’s ability to increase their capacity to apply the training, allowing them to upskill.

Participants can have “fun” throughout the training process by engaging in friendly competition and enhanced interactions with the facilitator. Participants in gamified employee training can work toward group goals by cooperating with other participants. This encourages the sharing of ideas, debate, and enhanced strategic thinking processes.

Regardless of your target audience, using gamification for learning and training can assist you to create exciting, educational, and wonderful content. It’s not supposed to turn work into a game, however, it does play (pun intended) on the psychology that drives human engagement.

GoodGames offers a variety of game-like experiences that can be used during employee development and training. Please visit the ‘Game Uses’ page on our website for more information.