Go Beyond The Numbers!

Bring Presentation Data to Life with a Game!

Numbers on the Edge allows players to participate in the data leading to higher levels of retention. Participants Guess at data presented and are awarded points based on how close their answer is.

Create a Story Through Data

Ask any number of questions to help tell your information story. Allowing players to participate in the data makes the information presented “sticky.” 

You can enter any number of questions making the experience unique and customizable.


Reward Participants

Try to guess the right answer without going over. Guessing under earns you one point. Guess the closest without going over and receive an additional 10 points!



  • Get a better understanding for how well people know aspects of data


  • Bring an interactive element to data heavy presentations

Team Building/Problem Solving

  • Create camaraderie through a shared learning experience 

Game Specifications

Player count

5-1000 players

Length of game

15 minutes

Facilitator required


Customization available


Live technical support


Ready to play?

Dramatically improve the well-being of employees while enhancing productivity and innovation throughout your organization.