Employee Engagement

Turning Workplace Gossip Into Meaningful Conversation

I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need. How about a little workplace gossip? Gossip gets a bad rap, as it should, because it sits on the dishonesty spectrum. Office gossip has been around since the invention of the office but, regardless of how you feel about it, you have to see gossip for what it is: a form of communication. It's sharing an experience-fed opinion. We all know it’s sometimes hard to openly share your opinion in the workplace so this communication often stays hidden, shared only among our closest colleagues huddled around the water cooler.
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Work and play don’t have to be separate. Here’s why.

“Work? It’s just serious play.” This quote conjures up another memorable, more famous, quote for me, apropos this close to Halloween, from the film The Shining, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It’s no coincidence then that iconic Oscar-winning graphic designer Saul Bass graced us with the serious play quote AND designed the poster for The Shining.
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