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Gamification is adding game elements, like points and competition, to an activity. Our tools have essentially gamified the communication process. Our game activities add enjoyment and structure that enhance communication.

Whether remote, in-person, or a hybrid team, our experiences offer a level of engagement unlike any other tool. It’s an incredibly effective way to brainstorm and prioritize ideas, identify and solve issues, or take the pulse of your staff.

Every game’s results are instant and give leadership an incredible amount of qualitative data on your team’s communication on any topic or need. Plus, our tools can be played anonymously leading to an honest and open exchange of ideas.

Our Games

Speak to the heart of any issue challenging your company or organization with an anonymous feedback game experience.
Explore RANT ›

Use images to spark discussion and feedback that speak to a company theme or grow and achieve a company goal.
Explore Gallery ›

Incentivize collaboration and connect participants to the larger goals of an online meeting or conference.
Explore Headlines ›

Talented and insightful New Yorker cartoonists work with your team to brainstorm and co-create cartoons LIVE in a candid, productive and fun exchange of ideas.
Explore Cartoonathon›
Image With Text Over Alt

Go beyond the numbers and bring presentation data to life with this highly interactive game.
Explore NotE ›

Explore dazzling imagery to help your team bridge the gap between the abstract and actual, prompting improved solutions discovery.
Explore FaceIt! ›

Develop your team’s ability to handle the uncertain with a game of allocation, strategy, and chance!
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